One of the biggest benefits that rooftop solar provides to the grid is that it often produces electricity when—and where—that power is most valuable. For example, in many regions demand on the electricity system peaks in the afternoon on hot, sunny days, when air conditioning use is high and when rooftop solar is performing strongly. Such systems therefore help utilities meet peak demand without firing up seldom-used power plants that are both expensive and more polluting than most other options 

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Our team are focused on finding the right energy solution for your individual need and proposing a solar system that will fit your power consumption needs today and in the future.  Many power companies would perfer that you keep buying power but now you have an affordable solar choice that may eliminate your future electric needs.
 Just 18 days of sunshine on Earth contains the same amount of energy as is stored in all of the planet's reserves of coal, oil, and natural gas.
Solar Definitions
The Sun
Provides free, direct energy in the form of sunlight every day
Solar Array
PV Solar panels collect sunlight and convert it into DC electricity
Equipment designed to securely attach each solar panel to your roof
Ground System
Equipment to securely house solar panels at ground level.
Gathers system data and tracks how much your panels produce.
Converts DC power from the array to AC power for your home.
Electrical Meter
Utility device for measuring the flow of electricity.
Utility Grid
Network of equipment connecting power consumers to power producers.

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It takes the average homeowner six to fifteen years to pay off their solar panels and those living in sunnier climates or states with good incentive programs can do it in as little as two years.
When you buy solar panels, you’re eligible for a 30% tax break from the federal government—you could get thousands of dollars back on your taxes and offset the initial cost
Solar panels are exempt from property taxes in many states and can increase the value of a home more than a complete kitchen remodel. However, you can take your solar panels with you when you move.

Solar Experts LLC uses a team of licensed installers

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Solar energy is very reliable source of energy.

 Solar power can significantly reduce the electricity bills. Moreover, there are many tax incentives and rebate programs designed to spur the use of solar, and save home owners money at the same time.

Home owners should feel comfortable that the technology itself has been proven.  The tipping point has been reached with solar being very affordable, being reliable, and a clean energy source

As installers have gained more experience, they've become much more efficient at mounting panels. Installations that used to take days now can be done in just hours, one reason the cost of solar has dropped in recent years.